Black Thunder

The enemy tried to take your spirit from your family
And capture your soul

But you survived 

And is fighting daily to make our family whole

You are the lightening that took the world by storm

They were afraid of your spark

And the powerful stature that God Almighty formed 

They took your crown 

But you are still a king

From the bloodlines of Africa your ancestors sing 

Black Thunder 

You are a man

Not a boy

You treat women like queens, not like toys

You show that real men pray

And real men protect their families with the Word

Of God and Blood of Jesus every day.

Black Thunder 

Is like a lion 

Who doesn’t have to roar

His presence is so mighty, his leadership revered

And will not be ignored

He doesn’t lead with an iron fist

His love and confidence speaks mountains

And Black Wonder responds to this 

He works hard and sweat may drip 

From his brow

But he teaches his son 

That patience and hard work 

Produce results that last longer and deserve a bow

But Black Thunder is humble

And mature; 

His growth is one of his focuses and he needs you to believe in him even when he is not sure

Pray for Him and wrap your arms around His back 

And he will make you feel secure

Black Thunder may have lost some friends, sons, a woman’s confidence, respect and time,

But he will speak to the mountain and take his rightful place

Keep his family on track, intact and benign.

Hear the roar of his thunder as Black Thunder keeps his family spiritually armed and sound

Black Thunder, Black Wonder presents to you your crown!    –Tannika Moore

From the book, Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Ain’t Never Been Me 


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