Ms. Tannika Nikeya believes the journey is just as important as the destination. She believes in taking one day at a time and trusting God through the process, whether that be through our healing journey or life in general. It is her desire for her and her readers to persevere one day at a time and to live simply, fruitfully, and purposefully.

Live life to the Fullest One Day At A Time

Tannika Nikeya is an indie author, writer, educator, encourager, editor, and anxiety fighter. Ms. Nikeya released, in 2014, her first self-published book titled Setting The Captive Free full of vivacious, inspiring poetry. She released in 2020 her fourth book, while embarking on a journey of healing, titled Bring It To The Surface Poetry & Journal. She is also a firm believer that there are two things people can’t take from you, and that is your education and faith, which are major focuses in her professional and personal life.

Besides helping underprivileged youth prepare for college, Tannika Nikeya has written news and feature stories for her alma mater. She has also written as well as edited for a blog and organization dedicated towards empowering women. She taught Sunday school as well as formerly wrote poems and skits for special events at her church of fellowship.

Ms. Nikeya has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English: Professional & Technical Writing. She also edits various works from research papers to web content.

Her writing began at the age of 11/12 as a way of expression and because of her love for music and reading. Moreover, she encourages writers to not only write for expression and creativity, but to learn about themselves and the world around them. Tannika Nikeya additionally encourages writers to find and strengthen their voices through their writing. She often can’t sit still. However, she looks forward to relaxing in a comfy, sun-lit book nook overlooking a beautiful garden while enjoying an Iced Mocha coffee and reading or writing. Tannika resides with her family in Illinois.

Welcome and put your shoes on honey. The journey awaits!

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