Notification of Winners

We would like to thank everyone for joining us! We had a blast! Walk in your own shoes hunny! God designed them just for you. Allow Him to help you find your purpose and embark on your God-given destiny. That’s where true life begins.

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And Also Soon to Be Released Book, by Saneatra Polk, titled Mama Loves Me

The following winners are (top winner) Shalamaar M (Setting The Captive Free poetry book and Rain)., Anita W. (Walking In Your Own Shoes), and Ariana F. (Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Ain’t Never Been Me), Tarika S. (Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Ain’t Never Been Me), and Jeffrey M. (Mama Loves Me)!

Party Hats, Cake, Tablets, Two Books & More!


Yes, I said it! Grab your party hats and tablets because my best friend and I are having a virtual book launch party! We will bring the books, some virtual cake, and our new books!

We will be hosting our virtual book launch via Facebook on December 5, 2015! (Click on the link below for more details.)

Tannika Moore & Saneatra Polk Book Launch

Saneatra Polk writes,

“I am happy to announce that on December 5th, I will be joining poet, Tannika Moore in a virtual book launch via Facebook.  She will be releasing her second poetry book Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Aint Never Been Me and I will be launching my first novel My Momma Loves Me.  I’m hoping you all join us in this joyous occasion.  The simplicity of this event is you don’t have to buy a special outfit, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to the event, and you don’t really have to fit it into your schedule.  The event is from 12 pm to 6 pm central time; you can ‘drop by’ at any time or stay logged on for the entire period.  This is an opportunity to get to know us as authors, join in on the topic of ‘walking in your own shoes’, and much more.”

There you have it! I look forward to having your presence online!

Trust God and Set The Captive Free!