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Tannika’s Writing Vault: The Waiting Room Skit

The Patient Experience Begins in the Waiting Room – MedicalGPS Healthcare  Industry Blog

This is my new series where I introduce you to some of the past material I’ve written. I have written skits for special events at church and I have also written short stories, some of which I admit are half-done. Did I tell you, I once created my own entertainment magazine in high school! But I won’t be sharing my little paper bootleg magazine. At least for now. Anyway, welcome to Tannika’s Writing Vault and enjoy!



FEMALE CHRISTIAN (distractions, broken fellowship with God)

TEENAGE MALE (living aimlessly, was shot)

MOTHER OF TEEN (burdened for her child)


MALE CHILD (aborted destiny)

SLUGGARD MALE (purposeless/visionless)

LADY DEPRESSED (gripped with fear)

CHILDLESS WOMAN (woman who aborted her child)

FEMALE ATHEIST (bitter and angry with God)




Just a typical day in the ER at Mercy Grace Hospital. Its waiting room is full of people in need of emergency care. They will soon be going behind those doors; but don’t worry, the doctor will discharge them as soon as they have been examined and treated.

The cast is all sitting in the waiting room except the MOTHER OF THE TEEN. She enters the waiting room.

MOTHER OF THE TEEN: She walks in holding her chest. She sits down slowly. 

CHILDLESS WOMAN:  (Reading a book but looks up as the MOTHER OF THE TEEN comes in.) What’s wrong with you?

MOTHER OF THE TEEN:  I’ve been having chest pains. I thought I was having a heart attack.

CHILDLESS WOMAN:  I don’t think it’s a heart attack.

MOTHER OF THE TEEN:  No, but this is unbearable. What are you here for?

CHILDLESS WOMAN:  I’ve been having severe stomach pains.

MOTHER OF THE TEEN:  Food poisoning?

CHILDLESS WOMAN:  No, it’s not what I put in it; it’s what I allowed to be taken from it.

MOTHER OF TEEN:  Just looks at her with concern and a pause. 

What were you reading?

CHILDLESS WOMAN:  I’m reading this book I found over on the table called “The Doctor Patients Forget & Who Nurses Went AWOL”. 

MOTHER OF THE TEEN:  Whoa, sounds interesting! How can a patient forget that there is a doctor who can take away their pain?

CHILDLESS WOMAN:  And how can nurses go AWOL when the patients see them more than the doctor?


The lights turn on over the “mid-seat” and the SLUGGARD MALE steps forward and sits.

SLUGGARD MALE:  (Looks like a bum, a slouch.) They say sometimes you look the way you feel. Well, y’all get the picture. Man, mom says I can do anything I set my mind to. The problem is I don’t set my mind, shoot, or my hand to anything. Man, my teachers used to tell me all the time I must not have any goals. I have goals; I want to be a rapper, a singer (tries to sing but cracks), a judge, a doctor, a chef, the next Michael Jordan, a um what they call business people—ontamanure, a model (poses). Shoot, I just want people to know my name. But first I got to get off this couch. They expect me to work; I expect it to be handed to me. Matter of fact, did y’all bring me Christmas gifts (to the audience)? I was told to take baby steps, plant the seeds and find out my calling. But my sister says the only thing calling me is (a telephone rings, then SLUGGARD MALE answers) Hello, who is this?

TWO KIDS:  Broke! And Busted!

HOLY SPIRIT To the ANGEL:  Another one who doesn’t realize the potential I put in him, My purpose for which he was created and the destiny that I have for him. He lives in his comfort zone. Pride and fear are his companions. He doesn’t know that his lack of faith and lack of vision will set him on a course towards failure.

DEPRESSED LADY:  (This person is holding a bottle of pills) I thought this bottle was the solution to my problems. I lie there in my bed with tears raining down my cheeks, snot oozing out of my nose. I looked a hot mess and I…was…exhausted and scared. Fear and worry gripped me and I didn’t want to live. I felt worthless. I believed every lie the devil told me. Then I heard…

HOLY SPIRIT: If you choose to go now, you’ll miss how things are going to turn out. 

DEPRESSED LADY:  Hmmm, He said that like something good was eventually coming. You mean this is going to work out for my good. All I have to do is surrender it all to Him. 

HOLY SPIRIT:  Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

DEPRESSED LADY:  Don’t forfeit on your destiny; the storms may cause damage, but God won’t let them devour you. And He will restore you. Stay in Him!

TEENAGE MALE:  After DEPRESSED LADY exits, he enters and sits.  I was walking to the bus stop from school. That’s when I heard it. Bang (say it loud to the crowd and do the hand gesture) I couldn’t believe I was lying there with blood spreading over the concrete beneath me. Now I ain’t perfect and I might be reaping what I sow, but I’m serious. I want another chance. I admit these streets got me scared; I’m always looking over my shoulders. They got us out here thinking that they got power over who lives or die and that our lives ain’t worth living. But God, you created us; it had to be for a reason. I thought I heard my mother screaming. I don’t want to see her in pain. I didn’t want this to be it. I know I don’t deserve it but God, help!

MOTHER OF THE TEENAGER:  (Screams) That’s my only son. My baby, barely hanging on. I tried the best I could. Some nights I wanted to give up. Raising children in these times literally feels like it’s killing you right along with them. But my Madea use to remind me that you have to pray without ceasing and I’m going to keep praying for mine, and for your child too. I’ll pray for them like they are my own; the devil cannot have our children. Hear me son! I’m not a perfect parent and you won’t be either but I’m going to keep speaking God’s Word over you and into you. I tried to raise you the best I can; now I must surrender you in God’s hands. Hell is real son and the devil wants to steal, kill and destroy your destiny. Lord, have mercy on my child!

CHILDLESS WOMAN:  Cake and balloons placed on the table of my brain. I see his smile; I hear his voice and I feel his love. His vibrant personality greets me and then I’m hit with grief and regret. I let them take my little one, his dreams, and his talents. What was his purpose? What was his destiny going to be? Was he going to be the doctor who could bring relief to cancer patients or a cure for the Coronavirus? My child loved me but my career, reputation, my time was too much to risk; my heart deceived me. Now I miss what some call a fetus, but God calls him by name. Please forgive me God!

ANGEL of GOD:  God forgives you! He sent me to warn you about the decision you were making, but your heart was hardened and broken. He knew you were afraid and He would have given you strength to raise His child because the child that He sent did not belong to you, but to Him. He put awesome gifts and talents in him and God was going to use him to help impact lives inside of a hospital’s surgery room. And that’s just half of what God called him to do. Yet, God loves you no matter what. 

FEMALE ATHEIST:  You Christians believe in anything these preachers put before you. There’s no God. I control my own universe; not some ancient, make-believe God. And who is this Jesus? Just some mere teacher with blue eyes you simple-minded people put trust in. God’s no more real than Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, these TV ministers, these reality shows. How can I believe in someone who let this world suffer? How could I believe in God who watched my pain? I’ll save myself. And by the way all I see is my grandmother and my mother suffering, and the so-called Christians’ lives not changing. There’s nothing grand going on with their lives, and you want me to serve a God like theirs. 

HOLY SPIRIT:  For since the creation of the world, My invisible qualities-eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Command the waters of the sea to rise and then stop. Dress the lilies of the field and trees for the Fall. Command the sun to not rise or rule the universe at the same time with your words. Who made man spring forth from dust and who knit all your organs, cells, bones and flesh together in your mothers’ wombs? Is it you who breathes life into you and gives you new mercies day by day? Your disbelief in me is merely your rejection of me. You’re angry, but I can handle it. Talk with me. You’re bitter; your heart is hardened and your mind full of folly. You want love; I am love and I love you so much that it cannot be measured by man. I love you so much that I gave my only Begotten Son to take your place on the cross.

FEMALE CHRISTIAN: I don’t do emergency rooms but I’m feeling fatigued and dehydrated. I hate having to wait. I got so much stuff to do. So many places to go. You don’t even understand. (Cell phone rings and she answers it and starts gossiping on the phone, looks up at the audience after a few seconds) Oh, I’m sorry, I got distracted. What was I saying? Every detail has to be tended to and if I don’t take care of it, it won’t get done and it won’t be done right. I stay busy; dinner parties, errands for the family, school, choir, women’s ministry, book club, catering business, hair appointments, church, my fave reality show. (Looks at a female in the audience) Yes, Hunni, I got a lot on my plate and leftovers in the fridge. I give everyone and everything my time and attention. The only one I haven’t given my undivided time and attention to is myself. 

HOLY SPIRIT:  That’s a lie; the only one you have not given your time and attention to is Me. Fix your eyes on me!

ANGEL:  (Walks in with a chart.) The doctor will see you all now. 

The world is sick and the children of God are destined to be the medicine for a sick world, but oftentimes they are distracted and enveloped by plagues that were never meant to hang over their spiritual doorposts. So walk in God’s forgiveness, surrender your lives to Him, and come out of your comfort zone, allow Him to renew your minds, pray without ceasing. Intercede for the children of today, the single parent, the young man without a vision, the young woman who aborted her child’s destiny, the one who may be in great despair, and for your sister and brother to fight the good fight of faith. Someone’s life depends on your obedience to God and intercession on their behalf. The Holy Spirit is here to help and Jesus, who was born and died and resurrected for your sake, is waiting with open arms!


–Written by Tannika Moore

My book, Bring It To The Surface, is available now at Amazon!

Throwback Thursday: Go To War

Happy Thursday! This throwback originally published on September 9, 2016 is a must read for this season. We must remember that we are in a battle whether we want to be or not. Please read this throwback and make sure you put on daily, besides your mask, the full armor of God.

Recently, while reading the bible, I realized this wasn’t just my daily routine reading (which it should never become just “I read it just to say I read it”). I was reading Deuteronomy 20. This chapter details Moses teaching Israel the laws for going to war. I realized God was speaking to me. In fact, He was teaching me and revealing to me things I had not come to understand until now.


When you go to war against your enemies and see horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt, will be with you. 2 When you are about to go into battle, the priest shall come forward and address the army. 3 He shall say: “Hear, Israel: Today you are going into battle against your enemies. Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not panic or be terrified by them. 4 For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.”

5 The officers shall say to the army: “Has anyone built a new house and not yet begun to live in it? Let him go home, or he may die in battle and someone else may begin to live in it. 6 Has anyone planted a vineyard and not begun to enjoy it? Let him go home, or he may die in battle and someone else enjoys it. 7 Has anyone become pledged to a woman and not married her? Let him go home, or he may die in battle and someone else marry her.” 8 Then the officers shall add, “Is anyone afraid or fainthearted? Let him go home so that his fellow soldiers will not become disheartened too.” 9 When the officers have finished speaking to the army, they shall appoint commanders over it.

10 When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. 11 If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you. 12 If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. 13 When the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. 14 As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the Lord your God gives you from your enemies. 15 This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to the nations nearby.

16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy[a] them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you. 18 Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the Lord your God.

19 When you lay siege to a city for a long time, fighting against it to capture it, do not destroy its trees by putting an ax to them, because you can eat their fruit. Do not cut them down. Are the trees people, that you should besiege them?[b] 20 However, you may cut down trees that you know are not fruit trees and use them to build siege works until the city at war with you falls.—Deuteronomy 20


Plenty of times in my life, I’ve let the devil intimidate me. I start to focus on the problems, storms, and the SIZE of my God-given assignments and subsequently my weaknesses and insecurities to keep me from fulfilling the things God has for me to do and overcome. I have went to the battlefield trembling and unprepared to put up a fight. I have had battles at work, in my relationships, and with anxiety and fear. Yet, we all have battles and you probably either just came out of a fight or going in one. Real talk, this is life. No journey is all roses and beautiful green grassy fields. Sometimes, your fields become brown and your grass becomes flat because Goliath stepping all in it and messing it up. But God!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.—Ephesians 6:12 KJV

As always, here are some Tools to encourage you along your Journey!

You have to remember that although some battles you may lose and some fights may wear you out, Jesus won the war and every believer is on the winning team. You are more than a conqueror and God has given you every weapon you will ever need to beat the devil’s behind and walk victoriously. Here is what I learned about going to war:

  • Don’t be afraid.

Naturally, you begin to assess your opponent’s strengths as well as your weaknesses. The devil gets you to do that—focus on the problem, focus on how he can retaliate, and what can further go wrong. He loves to intimidate.

God will neither leave you, nor forsake you.

God will fight for you.

Jesus doesn’t just have the solutions; He is the SOLUTION!

  • Talk with a spiritual authority and especially JESUS FIRST.

A spiritual authority/mentor such as your pastor will help you to get some clarity on the situation.

They will encourage you.

They will intercede for you and pray with you.

  • Get your affairs in order.

Put things in perspective.

Pray for God’s perspective so you can see it the way He does.

Assess how and when you should be “fighting”. Do you just pray and be quiet? Do you seek outside help? Is this a preparation period or a go period?

Have you forgiven others and have you mended what God has told you to mend? Are you walking in love? Are you providing for your household?

Is this really a battle or a diversionary one? The devil loves to distract us.

  • Are you pessimistic?

Do you have disbelief that God can move and do what He said He will do? Are you surrounded by other believers like this?

If you are pessimistic, those fears, disbelief and negativity can rub off on others.

Get with people who not only will help you to search God’s Word on the matter but believe and fight with you and vice versa.

Get with believers who remember that they already won because they are on the winning team.

  • When you are struggling with someone, be a peacemaker.

Don’t go looking to fight naturally.

Handle any wars period spiritually for we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Right? I know some people TAKE you there. Sometimes, I too have to catch even my thoughts because that is where the suggestions of giving someone an old fashioned butt whooping starts. Jesus, help us!

Perhaps that person is too struggling with something and cannot see clearly. Perhaps they are not. In any event, ask God for wisdom.

God will make your enemies your footstool, but the key is to LOVE and don’t be so proud. Love them anyway no matter the outcome.

  • Check the sin in your life.

Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ Jesus.

Cherish sin no more.

Ask God to reveal the root cause of any sin in your life and give you grace to repent.

Repent wholeheartedly.

  • Be a life-giver and a fruit-bearer.

When you are hurt and wounded, sick and frustrated, tired and fed up, you can do and say things you regret.

You can make decisions that you would later regret.

You can take every innocent thing a person does and think it was meant for harm, become easily offended, and want to retaliate as well as cut people off for good.

Don’t destroy others around you. Don’t stunt the growth of your love walk and yourself.

  • Finally, OBEY GOD and saturate in His Word.

His Word is synonymous to His wisdom and His will. You need all three: His Word, His Wisdom, and His Will.

God’s Word is a weapon.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. Obedience to God protects you, helps you and brings you prosperity.

JESUS used the Word against the enemy when he was tested. Jesus won!

  • Bonus: Pray and Praise! Talk with God and praise His Holy Name! Prayer and praise too are weapons!


Put your shoes on honey, our journeys await,



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Flashback Friday: Mother’s Day–A Daughter’s Prayer

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th and although celebrations of our mothers are limited, we can still make sure our mothers feel appreciated in the simplest ways. What are you doing for your mother to show your appreciation and love? Check out this flashback poetic prayer originally posted on May 7, 2016 and from my book, Setting The Captive Free Poetry Book.

A Daughter’s Prayer

Lord, I pray for my mother

By first thanking You for her

I acknowledge that You created her for a reason

And it wasn’t just to be my mom

So, I pray Lord that she seeks out her gifts and purpose from You

For You are her creator

Lord, I pray that she realizes

That she is fearfully and wonderfully made

And that she was set apart for Your use and

Your use alone

I pray, Lord

That You will grant her the grace

To reject all negative and deceptive comments, beliefs and thoughts Satan tries to inject in her mind

I pray, Lord that You will bind up

Every critical spirit that tries to pollute her mind and her emotions

Lord, I pray that she will be filled with joy and peace

Your peace that surpasses all understanding

I come against fear that she may have, for You did not give her a spirit of fear

But that of power, love and a sound mind

I pray, Lord, that she will see herself the way You see her

And that she surrenders every area of her life to You

I pray, Lord, that she believes without a doubt

And she prays without ceasing

Give her strength, Lord, to move forward

And be what You have called her to be and do what You have called her to do

Grant her Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Your Word

Help her exude holiness and virtue continually so that her girls may imitate these attributes that You possess

Help her to trust You and depend upon Your strength

For only with You there is stability and security

Give her direction for her children

Help her to be anxious about nothing even when it comes to her children, but to pray about everything

Lord, help her to forgive and love even when it becomes difficult

Build her up and encourage her

And let her learn to encourage herself when others won’t

Let her not lose sight of the visions and dreams You have placed in her heart

Let her have time to devote to You

And let her experience Your Presence in her devotion time

Help her to take time also for herself as well as to reflect and laugh

Let her identity be wrapped up in You

Lord, Let her know that her prayers are not in vain

Her praise has not gone unnoticed

And her tears have not gone unseen.

Now Lord, I pray that your angels encamp round about her, protect her, guard her heart and her mind

Lord, I pray that she develops the fear of the Lord within her heart

And the joy of the Lord always

In Jesus’ name, Amen

And thank you for my mother’s love

Because of a mother’s unconditional love, I know how you feel about me

Repost: Can’t Move Forward

Originally posted on February 27, 2017

After reading the first six chapters of first Samuel, I am beginning to understand how God’s presence and God’s glory are important to the believer, the Body of Christ.

The glory of God, which is seemingly difficult to define, is basically the external manifestation of God’s presence (

The presence of God is also difficult to define. However, the Hebrew term for presence in the scriptures is translated as “face”. Dwelling in the presence of God means to have a deeper closeness and fellowship, close and personal encounter, a response of worshiping in spirit and in truth as well as a total surrender to God, His sovereignty, and His love.

We can’t move forward without either God’s glory and presence. We need God’s glory in everything–not our glory but His. We need His glory during decision-making, good times, special events and family time, travels, and during trials and tribulations. Where the glory of God goes, there is power, deliverance, and victory.

Living in the presence of God ensures safety, joy, sustainment, and the blessing.

Please read 1 Samuel 1 to 6


Heavenly Father, The Great I Am,

I worship You today! I ask for forgiveness of my sins, disobedience, and even my fear that keeps me focused on my circumstances, frailties, and man. Help me to overcome the fear of man and to have the fear of the Lord. Help me to fix my eyes on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of my faith. Help me to remember that You have all authority and power even over the devil himself. Forgive me for living my life contrary to this. Now God, I ask You also to help me and the rest of my siblings-in-Christ to seek Your presence and glory. We want to live in Your presence and we want Your glory to accompany us daily, even going before us. Have Your way, Holy Spirit, and thank You, God for answering our prayers in Jesus’s name, amen!

Trust God & Set The Captive Free,


Do You Have A Chip On Your Shoulder

Not often do I hear men say, “ladies first” when it is time to board the bus. So, on one particular morning this week, I was elated to see one guy lead by example and let the ladies on first. But after a couple or few of us proceeded onto the bus, commotion broke out behind me as I walked to my seat. When I turned around, there was an older gentleman who was already on the bus with the bus driver when we boarded trying to stop an altercation from escalating. Even moreso, he stood in front of a young lady, who I believe was a teen, and was trying to block and stop a man from hitting her. The man was the same one who had just let the ladies go first. Why they were fighting, I do not know exactly. He said that she hit him first and she said something about he said ladies first and something about tapping her bus card against the machine.

As security from the transportation station stepped in, it calmed down a bit but the argument started back up as the man boarded the bus and he went to the back. Both the man and the young lady were angry but I noticed his voice sounded more emotional. As their argument continued and the man got up out of his seat and moved forward towards the young lady, the older gentleman who had helped prior came to the back, blocked him again and prohibited him from going any further. The young lady remained seated although she was arguing back. The security guard came to the back too to intervene. The older gentleman kept telling the man, “bro, let it go.” The man turned on the older gentleman saying something like “you’re not my bro and why do black people keep hurting me.”

I then realized this man not only was angered but he had been triggered. I don’t know what really started the altercation between he and the young lady but both could have acted differently for a much better outcome. However, the man, who was also Black like the rest of us on the bus, was the adult and he should have really let it go so it wouldn’t have escalated. And no way should a grown man be hitting a young lady or calling her out of her name which he did.

I know that Black men endure a lot in this world day by day. I also know that sometimes they face a cruel and unfair justice system and just as much plight and hopelessness as any other man. But some Black men must remember Black women have to endure a great deal too in this world. And we are to be protected and respected also. Moreover, with the state of this world and the fact that we are living in the last days, a lot of people are walking around angry and with a chip on their shoulder. We are beyond stressed and triggered with even the smallest things. Nonetheless, we must build our self-control and empathy. And we have to pursue and promote healing individually and as a whole. I believe God has me in a season of healing. I have discovered areas of brokenness in my life that God wants to heal me of, thanks to God.

Don’t dismiss your pain. Don’t dismiss another person’s pain either. Address it and let God provide you with the healing you need. Even if you get no closure from others, you can get it from God.

We cannot walk around with chips on our shoulders and be ticking time bombs. And we cannot move forward from something that has never been fully addressed. That is why some people don’t understand why some people can’t move forward (although there are other factors why also) from a loss or traumatic event. Some people say Black people should stop talking about slavery. But if it has never fully been addressed and acknowledged with true empathy and understanding, then how can we? So, we have to address the pain and not let it turn into a bomb. Even God addresses and acknowledges the circumstances and pain in our lives, but with the intent to heal and grow us and impact others for good.

Anyway, there is so much rage and pain in this world. Many human beings, no matter their nationality, ethnicity, social or class status are being consumed by anger. But Jesus came to give us life and life to the full and it is receivable through His salvation and your surrender. He knew we would have storms and issues in our lives. He knew this world was a hot mess and broken. But His truth, life and way are our shields. His Holy Spirit is our comforter and His Father has the last say. He is our defender and present help in the time of trouble.

I was glad that the older gentleman intervened and tried to calm the man down and get him to control himself. I reiterate that we have to pursue and promote healing. And yes God can grow you and heal you during your storm! So, where can we begin.

  • Get therapy or find a support group and build a support system.
  • Face the truth. Receive the truth. If there is a problem, are you avoiding it? Where do you need healing? What boundaries do you need to set? Do you have anger issues? What are your insecurities shouting? What in this world is bothering you? You can take the answer to this and work towards being a part of the solution and it can lead you to your purpose.
  • Embark on a healing journey. Ask God to show you what that looks like. What do you need to heal from, and work towards facing, releasing it in a healthy manner, and growing from? Get scriptures about healing in the particular areas you need healing in.
  • Make a choice to heal and to grow daily .
  • Practice self-control and feeling your emotions and then steward over them in a healthy way. If you are angry, don’t hold it in but find ways to release it in a safe and healthy way. You can also practice calming techniques such as counting to ten or taking deep breaths until you can sift through the anger, address or find the problem, and then find the solutions.

Im not a psychologist or therapist but I do know we all need healing from something.

Do you have a chip on your shoulder? Are you on a journey of healing? What does that look like for those who may not be on this particular journey now? How can you be intentional in pursuing healing and growth, and why is God leading this pursuit so important?