Next Year, Lord

Next year, Lord
I feel led
To go quiet in the land,
While my footprints still show up in the sand,
Right behind Yours.
Next year, Lord
I pray I hold Your hand.
That is the only way I will be able to stand.
Cling to You all 365 days
Acknowledge You in all of my ways.

I cried so much this year.
Next year, let me remember You have collected every tear.
This year was so uncomfortable and I kept going back and forth about giving up.
Next year, I won’t throw in the towel,
Even when it is soaked and I have had enough.
This year, the healing journey continued and felt long.
Next year, I’ll still be healing but singing a new  song.
This year, I leaked emotionally and was scared as hell.
Next year, I will release maturely and the will of God over my life will prevail.
This year, I was stuck.
Next year, I will arise from the enemy’s prison and drink from the overflow of my God-given cup.

This year I felt alone and misunderstood.
Next year, I will live confidently and do all that God said I could.
This year I felt weak, overwhelmed and drained.
Next year, I may have moments I run low but I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me, and I will not strain.

This year, I struggled in every area of my life.
One attack after the other.
Strife after strife.
Next year I will consistently suit up in daily wardrobe of the armor of God and godly wisdom. And doing so will help me fight.
This year, I learned some things
And set some boundaries.
Next year, the fruit of such will sprout.
This year had seasons of emotional, financial and spiritual drought.
But Next year, I will stay in the presence of God,
Receive His love and answers to what I have been trying to figure out.

This year I began to learn to turn down the noise and God’s voice got clearer.
Next year, what will happen if I drew nearer
To the One Who first loved me,
Ancient of Days,
Who gave His only begotten Son
So that I may be set free?
This year I wanted to run away and abandon the mission.
Next year, because I developed His wisdom and His courage, I can remain in the kitchen.
In which God provides me with an apron and a pot.
But the kitchens in which He did not,
I’m up and I’m out.
Because next year I will be intentional with all that I am and about,
Intentional with my time, respectful to my purpose, allowing God to continue bringing things to the surface.
So, I can continue to heal.
I will be authentic and not just keep it real
I will allow myself to feel
And acknowledge my flaws.
Remembering that I need the Holy Spirit still.
Next year, I will laugh more
And not please people to death and work so hard to earn love.
I will believe that I am enough from the One Above.

Next year, I will love others as I love myself
And do what is best for me.
As long as God approves and it is clothed in integrity.
I have to live with my self 24-7.
And stand before the God of Earth and Heavens.
Next year,
I may be silent.
I may be still.
What I accepted this year, I may not accept next year.
I may change my mind,
But I will continue to heal.
I will not let the world define me
Or those who can only see me from their sight.
I will continue to allow the Word of God to renew my mind to transform my life.
I will March to the beat of my own drum, cymbals and harp.
Thank God for each new day
And try not to lose heart.
Next year, I will take one day at a time
And not rush through the process or journey.
Doing life without God and not step by step can give you whiplash and land your soul on a gurney.
Next year, I will Keep my eyes fixed on God
And get back on the bike of life.
Try and make decisions that are not just good, but right.

Next year I will remember that God got me
And I will focus more on being and not just doing.
Next Year, I will be full of courage and success that God and I will define.
Thank God for how far I have come, for everything there is a season,
And God is the author of my faith, my story and my time.

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