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Next Year, Lord

Next year, Lord
I feel led
To go quiet in the land,
While my footprints still show up in the sand,
Right behind Yours.
Next year, Lord
I pray I hold Your hand.
That is the only way I will be able to stand.
Cling to You all 365 days
Acknowledge You in all of my ways.

I cried so much this year.
Next year, let me remember You have collected every tear.
This year was so uncomfortable and I kept going back and forth about giving up.
Next year, I won’t throw in the towel,
Even when it is soaked and I have had enough.
This year, the healing journey continued and felt long.
Next year, I’ll still be healing but singing a new  song.
This year, I leaked emotionally and was scared as hell.
Next year, I will release maturely and the will of God over my life will prevail.
This year, I was stuck.
Next year, I will arise from the enemy’s prison and drink from the overflow of my God-given cup.

This year I felt alone and misunderstood.
Next year, I will live confidently and do all that God said I could.
This year I felt weak, overwhelmed and drained.
Next year, I may have moments I run low but I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me, and I will not strain.

This year, I struggled in every area of my life.
One attack after the other.
Strife after strife.
Next year I will consistently suit up in daily wardrobe of the armor of God and godly wisdom. And doing so will help me fight.
This year, I learned some things
And set some boundaries.
Next year, the fruit of such will sprout.
This year had seasons of emotional, financial and spiritual drought.
But Next year, I will stay in the presence of God,
Receive His love and answers to what I have been trying to figure out.

This year I began to learn to turn down the noise and God’s voice got clearer.
Next year, what will happen if I drew nearer
To the One Who first loved me,
Ancient of Days,
Who gave His only begotten Son
So that I may be set free?
This year I wanted to run away and abandon the mission.
Next year, because I developed His wisdom and His courage, I can remain in the kitchen.
In which God provides me with an apron and a pot.
But the kitchens in which He did not,
I’m up and I’m out.
Because next year I will be intentional with all that I am and about,
Intentional with my time, respectful to my purpose, allowing God to continue bringing things to the surface.
So, I can continue to heal.
I will be authentic and not just keep it real
I will allow myself to feel
And acknowledge my flaws.
Remembering that I need the Holy Spirit still.
Next year, I will laugh more
And not please people to death and work so hard to earn love.
I will believe that I am enough from the One Above.

Next year, I will love others as I love myself
And do what is best for me.
As long as God approves and it is clothed in integrity.
I have to live with my self 24-7.
And stand before the God of Earth and Heavens.
Next year,
I may be silent.
I may be still.
What I accepted this year, I may not accept next year.
I may change my mind,
But I will continue to heal.
I will not let the world define me
Or those who can only see me from their sight.
I will continue to allow the Word of God to renew my mind to transform my life.
I will March to the beat of my own drum, cymbals and harp.
Thank God for each new day
And try not to lose heart.
Next year, I will take one day at a time
And not rush through the process or journey.
Doing life without God and not step by step can give you whiplash and land your soul on a gurney.
Next year, I will Keep my eyes fixed on God
And get back on the bike of life.
Try and make decisions that are not just good, but right.

Next year I will remember that God got me
And I will focus more on being and not just doing.
Next Year, I will be full of courage and success that God and I will define.
Thank God for how far I have come, for everything there is a season,
And God is the author of my faith, my story and my time.

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I was asking God what is next year’s theme for 2023 and “position” is what I heard. Maybe it was my own self giving this answer or maybe it was God. I’m not sure. But I will take this theme and mission. When looking up what position means this is what I found: What is the biblical meaning of position?
“Position” means abiding in Him and Christ’s words abiding in us (John 15:7). I also found as I googled– Topical Bible: Position
(n.) The state of being posited, or placed; the manner in which anything is placed; attitude; condition; as, a firm, an inclined, or an upright position. And the regular definitions/synonyms for position are posture, stance, attitude, place, etc.

This year we learned to take one day at a time and that healing is continual and a journey. And to seek God like never before. Next year, we get into position. We abide in God as He abides in us. We stay steadfast and believe Him no matter how much doubt tries to creep in or gain control. We allow God to renew our minds. We allow God to place us and strengthen us where He leads us. We learn to be still and know that He is God. We stand knowing that God is with us and will never leave us nor forsake us. We learn to surrender every area of our lives and get in position to know Him more, receive His love, His wisdom, His promises and His manifested peace.

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