I Am FREE Photo shoot Book Promo

I to send a special thanks to my sisters-in-Christ Barbara and Dawnielle for being my models and for sharing their testimonies!!!! They were open and honest enough to share with the world what God has delivered them from. Dawnielle says, “I am FREE from lust, insecurities, fear, bitterness and unforgiveness…” Barbara says, “I am FREE from anger, depression, lust, financial debt and anxiety…” I, myself, am FREE from anxiety, depression, generational curses and people-pleasing…”

The I Am FREE Photo Shoot, which took place at my neighborhood park, was amazing! After having fun displaying our freedom, we had a glorious time praising God and praying for each other and the surrounding community right there in the park!!!

Before you check out the photos of the shoot below, think about what God has delivered you from. Or what are you expecting God to free you from? Feel free to share your testimonies of deliverance or your desired deliverance below in the comment box. If you would like prayer or to discuss your testimony or desired deliverance privately, please email me at stcfpoetrybook@yahoo.com, and everything you share will be confidential.


Barbara at the photoshoot

Dawnie at photoshoot

I Am FREE photoshoot

I am FREE!







To God be the glory!!! I love You Father!!!

Trust God and Set the Captive Free,