Could The Healing Journey Be Causing A Strain on Your Relationships?

Sitting here pondering this. Could the healing journey be putting a strain on my relationships?

Setting boundaries and healing kind of put strains on your relationships for some reason, I suppose. Maybe it is because you are recognizing your triggers. Maybe it is because you are recognizing what behavior from others you no longer want to tolerate. Maybe it is because some people benefit from you staying the same. Maybe because other people may not be going through the healing process and seeing you go through yours may be foreign to them or uncomfortable to them also. If it is uncomfortable to you, I would assume it can be uncomfortable to those around you. I don’t know. Maybe because you are speaking up for your self now. Or you and your loved ones/relatives have different lifestyles or going in different directions now. Nonetheless, relationships take hard work. And the same mercy we are learning to give ourselves, we have to give others. And vice versa. But going through your own healing journey can be difficult on a relationship.

Extend mercy to your loved ones. Be patient with them. But also continue setting boundaries and healing with humility, self-care, forgiveness, God’s wisdom and grace.

And you and your loved ones must realize that healing, restoration, and living/functioning from such a state not only is beneficial to you but those around you.

Continue healing.

Persevere one day at a time! You got this!

What are your thoughts? Respond below.


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