Tannika’s Free Writing & Flash Fiction: Can You Find Yourself?

Welcome to my series where I will be free writing and writing flash fiction to have fun, to regain my discipline as a frequent writer, and to stretch and strengthen my writing skills.

Can you find yourself in all of what you want them to see?
Will you still feel good about yourself,
When social media doesnt appease?
When the lights turn out and the applause stops,
Will you still be the one who rocks?

When social media exposes you for who you really are,
And you dont look up to par,
Will you realize you are beautiful and raise the bar?

Are you limiting your greatness by living up to others’ standards?
Are you still successful, even when it looks different from theirs? Will you still commit to fulfilling the task, even if no one cares?

Are you goals when your goals are not always coming to pass?
Can you still value your relationship, if your relationship is not within the Relationship Goals Class?

Will you use your platforms also for right and to uplift others?
Will you measure yourself by the standard of His Word and not another?

Will you care more about the likes or care to like yourself?
Will you find your purpose or imitate someone else?

Will social media and fear of man rule your life?
Will you spend time building your brand,
But never the heart of your family and friends?

Can you strive for greatness but be brave enough to show your imperfections, hardships, and flaws?
Will you stand out in a world of counterfeits, lookalikes, and conditional love and conditional applause?

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Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Ain’t Never Been Me

Setting The Captive Free

If you can identify with this poem and really need to get back to or start learning to embrace your imperfections, love yourself, overcome your fear of man, see yourself the way God does and grow from there, please share this poem but also begin the mission of doing these things that I just mentioned.


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