Physical Health Is Just As Important

I was in so much pain this week that my health was at the forefront of my mind again.

I am keen on building and maintaining my mental health and my spiritual health. But my physical health is just as important and it is my mission to have a healthy spirit, mind and body.

I have also learned through experience of feeling gaslit and frustrated when going to the doctor that at the end of the day I have to spearhead my own health journey. No one cares for me better than me. And no one cares for me better than me than God so I have to learn to also lean into His love and wisdom to take care of the body He gave me.

Years ago, I was in the audience of an up and coming live talk show and learned about the importance of daily stretching from the guest doctor. So, I started stretching but I have been more intentional in my daily stretching and recently started back with light exercises too, especially the ones I learned in physical therapy. I am also researching about how to treat inflammation.

I am taking my vitamins more as well as sea moss and elderberry gummies. After listening to Tabitha Brown on Instagram talk about Tumeric with Black pepper helps with sciatica, and with further research, I bought me some. I love my fruits and vegetables but I am now incorporating more healthier snacks to my diet. I just bought sea salt seaweed chips but I like the seasoned pretzels more. 😩

I am going to increase my drinking of water and decrease dairy in my diet. One other thing I love to do that helps with both the physical and mental is walking. I have also been trying to clear my sinuses. I asked my doctor what should I do or take to aid me in fighting my allergy symptoms that plague me so much. And lastly, I am working on getting more sleep and reducing the stress in my life. Stress can definitely have an effect on your body.

Special thanks to Shalamaar, who prayed for me this week.

What are your physical healthy goals? What changes will you be making to achieve them?

It is going to take a bit more time to get used to these lol.
I add this to my smoothie.