The devil’s Loss

The devil wants me to believe

God’s purpose for me will never be achieved

So he whispers in my ear

he tells me things my flesh wants to hear

his plan is to destroy me

he is at work day in and day out

he walks around and maliciously about

When I was born, he immediately placed a bet

he told Jesus, “I bet I ruin her yet.”

“While she’s young, I’ll make her forget

Why she needed You in the first place.

Her world is perfect and her dreams are ripe;

Jesus, when You’re ready, let me tamper with her life.

I’ll mess it all up, send my demons disguised her way.

She will duck and dodge and forget to pray

And how about her teens?

Let me give her depression

Send her confusion

Fill her with anger

Break her heart and disappoint her too

As she moves one step forward, I’ll push her back two.

I bet You Jesus, she’ll curse Your name

Then run to me and give me Your fame

You protect her too much

and You gave her too many gifts

What will she do then, if she had so much to miss?”

Then the Lord, my God said, “you just wait devil

Stop your ranting

Shut your mouth; you didn’t win with Job

And you won’t win now.

I know my Father’s children, Their weaknesses and strengths

They are not like you

And this one here will remain true.

This faithful soldier of mine I trust her so

More than you will ever know.

I see her faith in Me and attentiveness to My Word

In addition to the prayers I’ve heard

you can take from her But I’ll give

you can try to kill her But I’ll let her live.”

The devil wants to destroy me And take my life

But the devil has already lost the fight

It is God’s strength, grace and mercy

That sustains me

When I am weak

In God’s love, I will suffer no defeat.

Written by: Tannika Moore


Beauty For Ashes


Once charred,


and often tired

Smelled of smoke and fire,

Burned to ashes

In so much pain

It felt as I had taken a hundred lashes in acidic rain

I looked in the mirror

My reflection unsure

My soul unhealthy

And only the Lord had the cure

He who is pure

He who saved me

And will revive my soul

He who set out to make me whole.

My hope is in Him

Though I have to guard it from what I naturally see

My trust is in Him

Though I have to arrest those things that will make my trust fade

My identity is in Him

Though I had not realized I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am blessed

Though distractions may ignite stress

Shame and fear I have known

I am reminded that I am weak and small

But my Lord has justified me when I was eternally wrong.

Jesus took our place on the cross to provide salvation for all.

I am one of many who accepted the call

Of the One who drew me, granted me mercy,

And picks me up when I fall.

He turned my mourning into dancing

He turned my sorrow into joy

Although I was ugly in the spirit and full of void

He made me beautiful

What He had made, He cheered it

He loves us so

That He shares His inheritance with us

And through humility became low

To lift me and you up out of the ashes

And set the record straight

He has dominion over darkness and hell

The keys lie in His hand

And His kingdom has already prevailed

It will forever stand

He is just and gives a garment of praise

He heals the sick, and binds the brokenhearted

And by Him, the dead have been raised

He gifted us with the Holy Spirit

And He blesses us with joy

So although we may not feel so pretty

And may smell like something charred

Always pray and never worry

Jesus will give us beauty for ashes

And remove our scars.

We will display His glory

We will exude His beauty

And worship He who has written new endings to every believer’s story.

–From the book, Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Ain’t Never Been Me

–Written By Tannika Moore