Self-Care: Capturing Memories & Moments

Not too long ago, my therapist gave me an assignment. It was to take time each day to do some thing for fun and for myself. Upon attempting to complete this assignment, I realized and noted in my journal that I couldn’t fully identify what was fun for me. I enjoy cleaning and especially before I can relax. I know, it sounds crazy. I do enjoy writing; however, I struggle with writer’s block here and there and I don’t write daily like I used to unless it is a to do list. I use to have things I enjoyed doing, but now I couldn’t really answer what I like to do for fun. Making a consistent effort to take time to do something I truly enjoy has been a struggle. I also seem to race against time to slow down and just be present. I have found though that in order to continue providing the care for my family and fulfill my work and many other obligations, I have to first care for my relationship with God and then my relationship with myself. And one of the ways I provide that care for myself is to do something I enjoy.

As I turned my attention back to a project I had been working on for some time, I began browsing through photos I had taken to add to it. And it dawned on me that photography was something I enjoy. I am not a pro and I only had one photography class in college when I was an art and design student. Yet, I still enjoy capturing memories and moments. I also love nature and love capturing God’s art and handiwork.

So, I as I browsed through photos and realized my love for photography, I told myself I will continue taking shots of beautiful skies and landscapes and more. It is also a simple way of taking time for myself. Taking time for yourself is crucial. Having a hobby, and not just a hobby but a healthy one, is important also. Moreover, it is imperative to refresh yourself and rest. Rest isn’t just sometimes being still or taking a nap. It is about doing something you love and actually being productive. It is about being present and trusting God to manage the universe He created while you breathe in His ability to take care of you and your family. It is about taking a break to reprioritize.

Some things I have also been doing are now intentional to provide myself some fun and some self-care. I have been walking my dog; I love walking and I enjoy my new best friend. I recently polished my finger nails and toe nails as well as watched one of my favorite shows. I made one of my favorite desserts, a strawberry cheesecake, in which my nephew filmed and interviewed me like we were creating our own cooking show. And we also binge-watched Nailed It. All of these things I am realizing did bring me some joy. I also had to recently make me a priority after feeling so overwhelmed, log off the computer, and be okay with not getting to every thing on my to do list. And I will continue to make time to take photos and write as much as I can. I guess I actually have some things I enjoy. I just had to take time to sit and think about me for a change. Check out some of my photos below!

College Tour

This was priceless and during last year’s Mother’s Day weekend

Love city scenery

I just had to capture this walking trail entrance

This is God’s artwork! Night sky

God is an amazing artist!


Take time to smell the roses.

Having flowers on the table is a must

Hate the weather but love its scenery

Snowfall and Serenity

The beginning stages of my Fall Decor Display.

Love this photo! First day of school. Who would have thought we would end the school year with remote learning?

Sometimes college tours present opportunities for great photos

Is this my good side?

Beautiful! Beautiful landscapes and the Word of God are awesome pairs


Beauty For Ashes


Once charred,


and often tired

Smelled of smoke and fire,

Burned to ashes

In so much pain

It felt as I had taken a hundred lashes in acidic rain

I looked in the mirror

My reflection unsure

My soul unhealthy

And only the Lord had the cure

He who is pure

He who saved me

And will revive my soul

He who set out to make me whole.

My hope is in Him

Though I have to guard it from what I naturally see

My trust is in Him

Though I have to arrest those things that will make my trust fade

My identity is in Him

Though I had not realized I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am blessed

Though distractions may ignite stress

Shame and fear I have known

I am reminded that I am weak and small

But my Lord has justified me when I was eternally wrong.

Jesus took our place on the cross to provide salvation for all.

I am one of many who accepted the call

Of the One who drew me, granted me mercy,

And picks me up when I fall.

He turned my mourning into dancing

He turned my sorrow into joy

Although I was ugly in the spirit and full of void

He made me beautiful

What He had made, He cheered it

He loves us so

That He shares His inheritance with us

And through humility became low

To lift me and you up out of the ashes

And set the record straight

He has dominion over darkness and hell

The keys lie in His hand

And His kingdom has already prevailed

It will forever stand

He is just and gives a garment of praise

He heals the sick, and binds the brokenhearted

And by Him, the dead have been raised

He gifted us with the Holy Spirit

And He blesses us with joy

So although we may not feel so pretty

And may smell like something charred

Always pray and never worry

Jesus will give us beauty for ashes

And remove our scars.

We will display His glory

We will exude His beauty

And worship He who has written new endings to every believer’s story.

–From the book, Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Ain’t Never Been Me

–Written By Tannika Moore