Decluttering Before Back To School: Garage Sale

Summer was too short. Let me know if you agree! And now school is about to start and for some students, school is already in session. I work also in the summer and the only vacation I have had so far this year was a weekend in Detroit for my family reunion. With planning for that, work, and my child’s arts foundation program schedule, we have been quite busy. But now as we near the end of summer, it is time to declutter, busy or not.

It is so easy to let work papers and other important documents pile up, clothes sit without purpose in the closet, and more clutter challenge your space and peace. I hate clutter and although I love things to be neat and in order, I too can easily collect clutter–either by email, stuff in the home, files, etc. And in order to have a fresh start in a new season, we have to part with the old sometimes, declutter, and make room for the new or just create space to stretch out and be free and light. And we should also declutter mentally and spiritually for the same reasons. Especially to make room for God first and then our loved ones, and ourselves.

So back to decluttering physically: to declutter physically is a process and you have to take one thing at a time. You need to remember to have a throw-away pile, a keep-pile, and a donation pile. And for some who have the entrepreneurial mindset or the desire to just earn some needed cash, you need a sell pile.

This brings me to the title of this post: Decluttering Idea Before Back To School. If you want to declutter and earn some much needed cash, give a garage sale.

A garage sale is a good way to declutter and make room. It is also a good way to meet your neighbors or get to know them a little better as I was able to.

I believe this is our second time doing a garage sale. And this time around, it went well. We didn’t make a lot of money and we had to haul a lot of stuff back into the garage after the two days of our garage sale. However, we did sell several items and made a little over a hundred dollars.

I think this time around I noticed some things I did that made this garage sale successful. And yes, although we only earned about $140, we still did well. We got to conversate with a few neighbors, provide new homes to some old favorite clothing, some memorable books, and some household goods. We also got to build our skills with selling, pricing, and advertising.

Tips For A Successful Garage Sale:

  • Have a variety of things. And think of what people may need. We had used, barely used and new stuff for sale. We even did a free pile.
  • Include some snacks or candy for sale. That is always a plus.
  • Try doing a garage sale for more than one day. We were even asked if were going to give a garage sale again the following weekend.
  • Have stuff visible and organized. Presentation and visibility matters.
  • And when you set things out, make sure things are clean, sanitized, good condition, and if not in such good condition then still usable and/or able to be easily restored.
  • Advertise. Put up garage sale signs in front of your house but also on a busy street or at the corner of the block. You can also put a flyer in your local grocery store. I didn’t do that this time due to time and schedule.
  • Word of mouth. Get the word out that you are having a garage sale. Invite friends, family, colleagues if you want, church family, etc. Someone is bound to come.
  • Take an account of the weather. It drizzled twice the first day and was a little chilly the second day. And stuff kept blowing and falling lol but all still went well.
  • Have reasonable prices. And if some stuff you know is of greater quality and valuable, don’t be afraid to sell for a bit more. I had a $1 box, $3 bag and then some stuff we priced $5, $10 or even $15. We had a variety of things and a variety of prices. And be willing to negotiate the cost.
  • Have fun!

Have you ever gave a garage sale? What tips do you have to have a successful one?

See some pictures below of our garage sale.

My DIY Project Boo-boo

Update as of August 15, 2022. Not too long ago, I noticed some scrapes on my wall that showed the old paint. And just recently, I got some more paint to fix the imperfections and started noticing other imperfections (they weren’t really imperfections, just me doing too much, lbs). The paint I used to paint my bathroom has been unavailable for awhile so I got what I thought was a paint close in color. And because I painted not only the scrapes but other areas 😫, I immediately was like I messed up my beautiful wall after seeing the results. And I am not a professional painter. Plus, the first retouch to fix the imperfections I painted with a paint brush. I realized that if I used a roller to paint the majority of the wall when I first redid my bathroom last year, then maybe get another one and with that I can blend better. I have since then found some old gray paint and mixed the paint I just bought together a bit. I also bought the mini roller and tried to blend it as much as possible. So far it doesn’t look bad now and much of it has blended better. I am thinking about redoing the bathroom later this year. I may keep the color gray though I have not found the Calming Gray paint and it is unavailable with the brand I bought. So, I will find something close to it.

This is one of the photos before I used the roller to blend it more (I will show the end result soon). I learned that with painting there is really no retouching. You either buy the exact same paint and brand or just do the whole wall over. And two leave stuff alone. It is not going to be perfect.

It blended much better. Thank God! See photos below.

See below post of when I first did my bathroom and how lovely it looked before some scrapes and overthinking caused me to repaint. 😆 It still looks lovely though.


I went in and made some additional changes to my bathroom and wanted to give a final update on it. Read below to see why I made the new additional changes and here is the final (I promise this is the final one 😆) final reveal.

Check out my DIY house project. I have been wanting to redecorate my bathroom for awhile now. I finally prepped, started and now finished my bathroom. I am no way an expert and this is my first time painting walls of this magnitude so I am grateful that it looks nice and I did a good job. Had the little one record me and he said he didn’t feel like he did his best but the video turned out ok. I am grateful that he recorded me and he did a good job despite the moments he kept filming the wall 😆.

I forgot to take before and after shots of my bathroom but this is an old photo of how it looked before during the past Christmas season. The walls had stains on them and just needed an update.

So, here we go! The final reveal! The hamper I bought wouldn’t let me be great and neither would the rugs so I will be replacing those. But I am happy with my paint job. The ceiling I admit was tedious to paint but I did my best. I guess you can say my bathroom is looking forward to Spring.

Check out the video of my progress before the finish.

My DIY Video recorded by D.K.

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